Charitable Gifts to AACSA

Thanks in great part to our members and friends, the Agency has been able to continue its commitment to this community to provide a comfortable atmosphere rich in African American family traditions. We encourage you to think about the Agency when making your charitable giving plans. Your contribution will enable the Agency to offer a variety of high-quality programs and services throughout the year.

There are many ways to make a gift to the AACSA. Cash donations can be made securely, here, on our website (see below). Other contributions can be made by contacting our office at (408) 292-3157 or by email at

Cash Donations
Cash gifts allow the AACSA to use funds where they are most urgently needed. You may also designate your gift for a specific purpose, or you may make it in honor or memory of a person or an occasion through the tribute program. A special card will be sent to recognize your charitable gift.

Transfer Appreciated Assets
Stocks or other investments that have been held for more than one year and have grown in value can provide a substantial gift to the AACSA at a low net cost to you. The full value of your appreciated asset is deductible. 

Insurance/IRAs/Retirement Funds
If you no longer need a life insurance policy, IRA or other retirement fund, consider giving it to the Agency. Even if you are still paying premiums on an insurance policy, it can be given to the Agency; you may take an income tax deduction when the Agency is named owner and beneficiary. Alternately, you may choose to set up a new life insurance policy naming the African American Community Service Agency as beneficiary - ensuring support for the Agency in the future. 

Establish an Endowment Fund
By establishing an endowment fund at the AACSA, you will be assured that the programs and services you care about most will endure. You may name the endowment fund and designate which area of the Agency will benefit. Once the endowment fund reaches a minimum of $5,000, the fund will be formally established. 

Make a Bequest
Create a legacy for your community by naming the AACSA as a beneficiary in your will. 

Employer Matching Gift Programs
If your employer offers a matching gift program - take advantage of it! In many cases, your cash contribution becomes twice as valuable. It's usually quick and easy; just complete your company's form and your gift to the Agency will be matched. 

Give Through the United Way
The AACSA is a participant in the United Way. When you make your United Way gift through your employer, please designate the African American Community Service Agency.