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Your cash gifts help sustain our agency in providing services to the San Jose community. Your gift can be made as a general donation or used for a specific program below.

Your donation will be used to support various programs and resources used to provide services available to the community.



The AACSA is the fiscal sponsor for the community-driven effort to name a street in San Jose after President Barack Obama. To pay for the City of San Jose's fee to accept and process the application to rename a city street, we must raise at least $7,895. Your donation will go toward this fee or any additional funds needed to win the City's approval. With your help, yes we can get this accomplished!


The Beyond School Hours program contains a collaboration of various programs designed to address the educational, health, emotional, awareness, and mental development of youth beyond their school activities. This program includes programs such as Summer Day Camp, Leadership Academy and Kids Club.


The Computer Training Center program includes computer education in software/ hardware, multi-media training, and other technology programs. This program model has a controlled environment that is innovative and offers an opportunity for community reintegration with private, public and community partnering.



The Inez C. Jackson Black Historical Research Library established by the Garden City Women's Club of San Jose in 1981, the Inez C. Jackson Black Historical Research Library is housed in the African American Community Service Agency and honors a remarkable woman. Help us honor Inez C. Jackson's legacy of education and social activism by supporting our efforts to make the Inez C. Jackson Library a hub for learning and research in our community.


The Information Referral Center program provides a web portal in which organizations, churches and other non-profit organizations can post a profile advertising services and activities that are value-added services to the community. The community is able to access the portal to search for organizations that provides a service they are seeking. This portal also provides the ability for organizations to post information that the community find valuable like programs, events and activities that is going on in the community. The Information Referral Center program is designed to meet a major void that has been identified by the community.


The Information Career Center program provides tools, services and activities designed to help the community obtain jobs, intern opportunities and career development. This program provides the ability for visitors to search for jobs and intern opportunities via our computers or binders containing the job listings, interns and volunteer postings. This program also includes organizing and sponsoring job fairs at the Agency, seminars that cover anything from interview techniques to how to dress for success and workshops that allow the community to share their experiences and leads that others may take advantage to obtain a job.



We are currently enrolling for our Winter 2017 STEM Saturday program. To enroll your child, please apply here

What is STEM Saturday? STEM Saturday offers FREE Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) related educational and enrichment opportunities for middle and high school students in the Bay Area. We offer two classes (Scratch and Lego Robotics) on Saturdays in eight week sessions on a quarterly basis (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). Our Winter Session begins on Saturday January 21, 2017 and will continue every Saturday (except February 18- holiday weekend) until March 18th. 



The AACSA Leadership Academy formerly known as the (Modern Day Leadership Academy) is designed to empower African American youth through a three-day leadership training weekend and year-long cohort program. The Leadership Academy seeks to recruit, train and develop, provide interactive workshops for the journey of young African American servant leaders by connecting real-life to reality for our participants


  • The program begins with a 3 day leadership retreat during Spring Break (April 14-16th)
  • Youth are then enrolled in our Young Black Leaders Program where they are connected with mentors and engage in monthly community Service Projects
  • Learn ways of understanding self-awareness 
  • Network and engage with Silicon Valley leaders from various organizations and companies  
  • Understand and appreciate leadership styles similar to and different from his own 
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue about the concept of leadership in the 21st century
  • Develop skills related to participatory servant leadership 
  • Learn about functionality of corporate and non-profit boards from hands-on experience

If you would like to be involved with the program the AACSA is now seeking:

  • (2) Undergraduate Interns
  • Community Volunteers
  • Workshop Facilitators