AACSA Standing Committees

AACSA s Standing Committees plan and recommend activities and programs for Board Approval.


Economic Development
Empower Individuals to increase personal Wealth through Economic Development, Education, Leadership, Communication and Partnerships Programs.

Chairperson: Everett Bobby Gasper


Responsible for developing and maintaining AACSA programs and initiatives.

Chairperson: Everett Bobby Gasper


Youth & Young Adult Outreach
Develops and manages youth and young adult-focused programs and initiatives. 

Co-Chairpersons: Natisha Holloway & Milan Balinton


Manages AACSA fundraising and development plan. 

Chairperson: Shawneequa Badger


Marketing & Public Relations
Oversees development and implementation of communication and marketing plans. 

Chairperson: Shawneequa Badger

Collect and safeguard facts, photographs, records and other memorabilia pertinent to the history of the Agency. 

Chairperson: Milan Balinton 

Building Improvement
Maintain and improve the buildings and offices of the Agency. 

Chairperson: Evelyn Delgado


Juneteenth Festival
Cross-functional committee plans and executes the annual San Jose Juneteenth in the Park festival.

Chairperson: Joanna Farris


Annual Gala
Cross-functional committee that organizes and manages the AACSA annual gala. 

Chairperson: Gale Simmons